Atheist Wedding Officiant

One of my favorite parts of being a neo-pagan priest was officiating Handfasting ceremonies, especially for LGBT couples. Though I am a married straight man with children, I have had a number of close friends and family throughout my life in the community, and to be honest, the passing of marriage equality laws in my home state of California is what pushed me into getting back into the officiating game. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with all couples, and put every bit of effort and enthusiasm into each and every wedding I do.

For anyone who is not seeking a religious wedding, the subjects of the contents, style, theme, and even length of the actual ceremony can be a bit scary. You have so many options! As your officiant, I am here to support you in this process, and offer guidance and help if you should need it. I can help you to design your ceremony, work from a script, or anywhere in between. I can even offer some suggestions that can help you write your vows. Are you looking to incorporate traditions or elements from a particular culture or religion? I have a background in studying religious practices, and if I am not already familiar, I am happy to learn. Do you want a completely secular script with inspiring passages from non-religious sources? I have hundreds for you to peruse, or can use nearly anything you supply. Are you planning a theme wedding? Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics, Science, Flying Spaghetti Monster/Invisible Pink Unicorn… anything? I am not just willing, but excited to be a part. I am a huge nerd, and not big on telling people how they should express their love.

In addition to the normal planning session and rehearsal(s), I try to spend at least a couple of hours with a couple and/or see some video of them interacting if it is available. I like to get to know you a bit so I’m not such a stranger up there with you in this huge moment. I like to be able to put in a few words of introduction or conclusion that are from me to you, and I like to make every ceremony feel personal and comfortable. I have a variety of ‘standard’ clothing for your ceremony from casual dress to a suit to a tuxedo – I even have black robes, if you were to want me in them for some reason. I am happy to accommodate most reasonable requests for attire and styling so that I can visually fit in to your event and help you achieve your vision.

I pride myself on professionalism, from the first email or phone call until the last follow up call after your big day. I am happy to interface with your coordinator, planner, musician, DJ – whoever I might interact with during the event – so everyone is sure of their roles and cues. You can count on good communication, punctuality, flexibility, and reliability. I have a celebrant, who will have been to at least one planning meeting or rehearsal with us, who will be on call in case of emergencies. This has never been a needed precaution, but it is one on which I insist – you just never know.

I look forward to speaking with you to discuss your wedding and help you make it the event you dream of. Please visit the Contact Me page to get in touch and start the process.



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