godlessmatt: atheist blogger

Hi, My name is Matt, and I am an atheist blogger.  More specifically, I am a skeptic and an agnostic, an atheist and an antitheist. I have been getting involved in the atheist and skeptical communities quite a bit over the last couple of years, and am eager to get more involved. Here’s what I have going on so far:

  • Blogging – See that menu up there? And that thing on the side that says, ‘Recent Articles’? I  eventually will blog on a variety of subjects including news stories, personal anecdotes, book and movie reviews, atheist parenting, and atheist/theist marriage.
  • Podcasting – I was one of two hosts of the Broadly Focused Podcast (we stopped doing it in 2012), a weekly show where we discussed news items about civil rights and LGBT issues, human rights around the world, politics, and science. My co-host was a theist and my best friend, and I think you’ll enjoy the conversations!
  • Podcast/audio production – I have put together a pretty decent setup for my podcast, including a good mixer, three high-quality microphones and stands, a nice digital recorder, and some accessories. I can host or produce a podcast, video podcast, or similar audio recording with up to three hosts (four with an additional microphone) locally, a soundboard, and either two remote participants (co-hosts or interviews on Skype, G+ Hangouts, or even a cell phone), or broadcast live on Ustream, Mixlr, or a similar service and one remote participant. I can also do some basic editing and audio processing, properly compress and tag audio files, and get you set up with good media and web hosting.
  • WordPress – In the course of learning to podcast, I researched and learned quite a bit about WordPress and basic web setup (I’m not pretending to be a web designer!), including  how to set WP up with good security and caching (helps the site run faster) as well as basic Search Engine Optimization, a suite of goodies to make life easier and keep track of your visitors, and integration of most types of plugins. I have resources for the more advanced elements as well, if needed. It looks like I’ll be pitching in with one of the local Atheist organizations on their site as well. If you are looking to set up a basic blog, podcasting, or most other types of web sites, I can help.
  • Social Media – Also as part of getting a podcast going, I learned some of the most important dos and don’ts when it comes to the social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more! If you need to get set up with accounts, pages, communities – you name it – just let me know. I can also give instruction on how to best maximize your efforts using these tools while saving yourself time. It’s a fine line between promoting your content and spamming, so don’t go at this blindly, and don’t waste months trying to get it before you do it.
  • Officiant – Believe it or not, I was a practicing neo-pagan priest for over 10 years, and as such I had the privilege of officiating large group ceremonies for holidays, small, more intimate ceremonies in residential settings, as well as quite a few Wiccannings (like a baptism), Handfastings (weddings), and even a few Requiems (funerals) over the years. I have been ordained as a minister through the First Church of Atheism for years, and can legally sign marriage certificates in any state. Several of the Handfastings at which I officiated involved same-sex couples, and as a vocal supporter of marriage equality, I would be proud to officiate any services for or between any humans.
  • Classes, talks, debates – I also taught classes in paganism for years, and have trained others vocationally in several contexts as well. I only have one class put together thus far, called, ‘Primer for Atheist Newbies.’ It covers communities and organizations both online and in the real world, whether and how to ‘come out’ and to whom, common discussion/debate topics and a few ways to deal with those conversations, and a variety of other topics including book recommendations, marriage to believers, raising children, and getting more involved. I am very active in online debates on G+ Hangouts, and live debates in front of groups. I have talks available on subjects such as: Morals and Ethics for the Secular, The Importance of Skepticism, and Atheism and Religion in the Information Age. Most talks are an hour and can be adapted and shortened to a half-hour for children.